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Getting started ...

Here is an FREE online resource (you can also buy the book) about the entire process of dying: 



And here's a guide to Baha'is funerals and estate planning (not to mention a darn good introduction to the Baha'i Faith, if you need one):

Or try searching "diy funeral" (or something similar) online and you will find an amazing number of hits:  PLANNING A DIY FUNERAL

Moving along ...

Locate your government agent, here:

Ours didn't know much in the beginning but he and his staff quickly found out and were most helpful.

Necessary details ...

CasketDepot - nice people, great service BUT we recently found out the caskets don't have solid wood on the bottom even when the online description says 100% wood. 

CasketsCanada - an alternative we haven't tried yet.

DIY Caskets  - again, an online search turns up everything from simple pine boxes you (or a friendly woodworker) can easily put together to real works of art you paint or carve yourself.

Much more information on the necessary details throughout this website.

Questions about the laws in BC?

If you have trouble with the process of arranging a diy funeral in BC, here are the people who know all the rules and regs. Don't  let ANYBODY tell you your plan is not legal until you talk to these folksThey have been always been extremely helpful to us:  Funeral Practices 1 888 777 4393 

Or look here for an overview:

Not ready for diy?

If you want to explore the possibility of working with a funeral service provider, you can contact  the Memorial Society of British Columbia (or call 1-888-816-5902). Outside BC you will find other organizations that try to offer more reasonable alternatives to a conventional funeral. Search "memorial societies" and your country, state or province. 

In BC, the price of a basic cremation is about the same as a DIY funeral.