Here are two lists that seem to cover all the basics:

1) Sorry, we don't remember where we first found the first list but there is something very similar here. If you are involving a funeral provider, he or she will be helpful but you can do it yourself, most of it well in advance. Of course, the main reason people find themselves spending too much money and not really getting what they want is because of the traumatic nature of trying to do everything at the last moment.


Recording Personal Information 

1. Full legal name 
2. Residence 
3. Date of birth 
4. Place of birth 
5. Citizenship 
6. Personal Health number 
7. Social Insurance number 
8. Length of time in province 
9. Occupation  
10. Business or industry 
11. Marital status 
12. Spouse's full name 
13. Father's name 
14. Father's birthplace 
15. Mother's maiden name 
16. Mother's birthplace 
17. Next of kin / Executor's full name  
18. Next of kin's address 
19. Next of kin's relationship 
20. Doctor's name & address


52. Ambulance transfer from place of death  
53. Funeral coach 
54. Clergy car 
55. Family limousine  
56. Pallbearer limousine 
57. Flower car 

Documents to Locate 

58. Will 
59. Deed to cemetery plot 
60. Birth certificate 
61. Marriage certificate 
62. Citizenship papers 
63. Insurance policies 
64. Bank documents 
65. Title to property 
66. Vehicle ownership 
67. Revenue Canada tax returns 
68. Military discharge papers


Making Service Choices  

21. Choose a funeral home 
22. Set time & date of service 
23. Choose location of service 
24. Apply for burial permit 
25. Apply for death certificates 
26. Choose burial or cremation 
27. Request preparation and embalming  
28. Choose family viewing or visitation  
29. Decide if jewellery is to remain or to be returned 
30. Supply clothing for deceased 
31. Select photographs to be displayed  
32. Select musical selections, hymns & solos  
33. Select scripture or literature to be read  
34. Compose & submit obituary 
35. Choose charity to direct donations to  
36. Display religious or fraternal items  
37. Arrange location & food for reception  

Making Specific Selections 

38. Select casket or Cremation Container  
39. Select burial vault or cremation urn  
40. Choose cemetery 
41. Select burial or cremation plot 
42. Decide whether above or below ground  
43. Select memorial grave marker & inscription  
44. Select memorial register 
45. Select memorial folders & acknowledgement cards 
46. Choose floral arrangement 


47. Clergy or officiant 
48. Organist or other musical participants   
49. Pallbearers 
50. Family or friend to perform eulogy  
51. Family or friend to read scripture or literature

People to Contact   

69. Extended family & friends   
70. Doctor (G.P. or Specialist) 
71. Accountant 
72. Lawyer 
73. Employer 
74. Insurance agent 
75. Creditors 
76. Financial Advisor / banker 
77. Clubs, unions & organizations  
78. Bereavement counsellor if needed 
79. Canada Pension Plan / O.A.P. 
80. Dept. of Veterans' Affairs 
81. Canada Post - Change of Address 

Pay for the Following Services  

82. Funeral Service 
83. Cemetery plot, perpetual care & interment fees 
84. Grave Memorial, Inscription & Installation  
85. Service participants 
86. Newspapers 
87. Provincial documents 
88. Flowers 
89. Food / Catering for reception 
90. Hospitals 
91. Ambulance 

Personal Data of Deceased 

92. Elementary school attended 
93. High school attended 
94. University attended 
95. Military record 
96. Family & professional history  
97. Offices or positions held 
98. Accomplishments, personal & professional  
99. Citations 
100. Hobbies, activities and interests  
101. Charities & other special requests

2) Here's a good list of questions to you might want to ask. It is modified from a reader's comments at :

Who do you want to do the planning? What about embalming? Cremation? Casket open or 

closed? Who would you like to be  pallbearers? Music? if so, what songs? Is there a living will? If not, what would you put in it? Is there anyone you would like to speak at your funeral? Anything you want said? What picture, if any, would you like to have in the paper? Anything you don't want done? What do you want to wear? What is your favorite flower? What is your favorite color? What color looks best on you? Anything you want with you when you are buried? Anything you don't want with you when you are buried? Where do you keep wills, insurance policies, safety deposit keys, etc.? What is your lawyer's name?  Where do you want to be buried? What kind of service do you want? Who should perform the service? What funeral home would you like to be used? What kind of money is saved if any for your funeral? Would you like a notice in the newspaper in any other towns you've lived in? Who all do you want notified?

These are difficult questions to ask whether for yourself or someone you love. It's best to set aside a specific time, to make notes on the answers, and to keep the notes with your will, etc. You might want to review them occasionally to make changes, too.